It's beginning to look a lot like... Unpub prep time!

It's that time of year again. Christmas is this week, yes, but Unpub is about 9 weeks away! EEEEEEK! That's single digit weeks, minus 2 or so for prototyping and dealing with printing issues. (This time every year I have issues keeping ink in my printer). But most importantly it means it's nearing time to settle on some designs.


I'm kind of stumped. I have a few things I'm working on, but I'm mostly working on existing games as usual. The Unidentified Licensed Project takes up a good portion of my week. I've been testing almost every night and tweaking on the off nights. Storyteller Cards: Fantasy and Movie Plotz were fulfillment beasts, and took up most of November. And the holidays will probably eat up a good portion of the next week or two. 


I'm going to bring Jinx for sure. Jinx is a tiny little 2 player game, consisting of just 22 cards and a handful of tokens. It's a double simultaneous reveal game where players are mixing ingredients for potions. Each player offers an ingredient and an intended potion. If the combination of ingredients works for your potion, you get points! And each player gets the bonus shown on his card. There are a few other twists and turns, but those are the basics.

And that's all I really know. I have other games in various stages of design and development, but I don't even know what to consider.

Penny Lanes - A little dexterity penny flicking bowling game.

Pretense - A game night social microgame (which will likely be on Kickstarter before Unpub).

Fantasy Fantasy - I brought a very early build last year and can bring a newer one, but I have some conflicting feelings about bringing a game to Unpub more than once.

The Tag-Team games - Family games made by my family (Mousequerade, Wiggly Tooth, Mischief Knights, Go Doughnuts)

With all of those in the pipeline, I think I'm probably going to bring something completely different. Something newer and fresher and IN NEED of the awesome people of Unpub and their anonymous scoresheets. Something like Laundry Money, a lightly amusing take on Political Corruption. That one is as early as it gets. A title, a mechanic, and a whole bunch of notes. I could bring the new, rethemed Why Is Caillou Bald?, which was a simple storytelling joke game that was made for Alex Strang's birthday, but now with a serious new twist. Or I could bring the proposed Pixel Lincoln Dice Game, or the CCG that I'm insisting on making knowing it's impossible to sell. 

After listing everything, here's what I want to shoot for.


Laundry Money


It's going to be one weird Unpub for me. 

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