We're a few days away from Something From Nothing Episode 36, but just incase you missed last week's episode... here it is! This was an episode with no guest, so topics ranged from "What are we bringing to Unpub" to TC's Ion Award, to creative lulls, to working on a commissioned game and pushing yourself to completion.

I also briefly talked about something I'm considering bringing to Unpub. It's called Macrocosm: Conquer the Universe, and  it's based on the Pixel Lincoln Bicycle Card Game that I made, called Big Head Mode. It was made to go alongside kurt playing card deck, but the rules didn't make it into the package,s o about 3 people know that it even exists. It's a quick simultaneous reveal / deckbuilding experience and I've always wanted to expand on it.

I got super excited (of course) and commissioned some sweet Luke Milton art for my Unpub prototype.

(Yes everyone says don't go full art in your prototypes, but as you'll see I don't follow the same guidelines. I like things to look nice and shiny for large playtest events to get past the technical stage and onto the emotional stage, where you can test for both mechanical issues and start to set the tone. It's important to me and it's worked so far, although at a bit of a cost.)

Here's a sneak peek of where it is right now. It's getting there!

Two and a half weeks to Unpub!!

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