June Product Update - Wallets, Bosses, Geeks and more!

The Next Wallet Games

You might notice that "games" is plural. That’s because the next thing we offer is going to be a collection of three wallet games. Instead of releasing the next three games in a short time period,  we’re going to put all three out at the same time. This will save on shipping time (on our end) and cost (on your end). So what are the games? 
Fever Chill by Kenneth Thompson
A light deduction game for 3-4 players. Players are doctors trying to keep themselves healthy and sabotage their rivals. In simultaneous card selection (and occasional revealing), they will choose to raise or lower their opponents temperature using viruses or medicine. Art by Marty Cobb, Graphic Design by Adam McIver.
Smoke & Mirrors by Chip Beauvais
A bluffing game for 3-5 players. As the greatest magicians in the world, players will compete for the top spot by trying to go bigger and better than the previous magician using a limited number of tricks. But the players need to watch how much they share, because if their secrets are revealed, they are out.
North South East Quest by JR Honeycutt
A storytelling game that takes the players on an adventure all over the world and back again. Players will choose their directions and tell the story of where they ended up and all of the wild things they experienced along the way.
Look for all three to hit Kickstarter August 12th.

You're Fired

And just in time for the holidays will be You’re Fired, a small card game about the turnover of office employees. Everyone is accounted for... there’s the Manager, the Secretary, and even the Axe Man. You want to fire them all, but if you can fire the Boss, you win! 
You’re Fired was designed by Doug Levandowski, and has been on my eye for a while now. It’s going to be the first of our Tuckbox sized games (aside from Storyteller Cards, of course).
Look for You’re Fired on Kickstarter in the Fall.

Pretense: The Geek

The Geek is now available at the BoardGameGeek store for $2.50. It's a Pretense card that is exclusive to the store and will not be available anywhere else (as I sent them all of the copies!). If your group is a heavy BGG group (for logging plays, rating games., looking up rules, discovering expansions, etc...), setting up other people to visit BGG will be a lot of fun. 

The Button Shy Store

We have a few new items in the shop. First there’s Wild Cats (which is in stock and shipping now). There’s Cunning Folk, which is available for pre-order. And there are the Pretense promo cards (the Champ, Sore Loser and fully blank cards). We also have a limited number of Wild Cats “Smells Like Cat Shirt” shirts in stock. 
That’s all for now! Catch you soon with more info about the wallets and some new secrets that we’re working on.
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