Pretense was nominated for the Philly Geek Awards Game of the Year!

This is super exciting. Our little Pretense (the game night social metagame that comes packaged in a wallet), was nominated for the awesome Philly Geek Awards Game of the Year! This is beyond exciting. 

The Philly Geek Awards is a black tie celebration of geekness, starting with things like games and movies and going deeper into science and events and social media and more. It's held at the Academy of Natural Sciences, a museum that I go way back with. I went there many times as a kid and young adult, and will be taking my kids soon enough know that I'm an old adult. 

My brother went a few years ago in support of Pixel Lincoln's nomination and had a blast. It's seriously right in the middle of the museum, among the dinosaur bones. It doesn't get much geekier than that. Well... I was at Gen Con and missed out, so maybe it does get a little geekier than that. (But I had to support the release of the game, right?)

They always say "whatever happens, happens" and I've said that a dozen times this week... but how cool would it be to have one of these on the shelf at the Button Shy HQ? :)

I have to also mention that "I Am Santa Claus" was one of my favorite films of last year. I'd love to see it take home the prize for Feature Length Indie Film of the Year.

Good luck to all the nominees!

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