Get a free copy of Say What Again at Gen Con

First of all... what is Say What Again?

Say What Again is many things.

1) It's an awesome game, designed by Ben Begeal with some assistance by Jay Treat. The game is played with a standard deck of playing cards and is a blast. 

2) It's the preview game for our 2016 Board Game of the Month Club postcard series. This is a series of plastic, durable postcard games that are inspired by cult films. I won't spoil them all right now, but here's a taste of them. Some designers will be announced soon too.

3) It's also an art project, of sorts. Each postcard game will feature an illustration on the other side of the postcard. Say What Again features Luke Milton, creator of Bunnies That Hate, photographer, and Fruitless Pursuits podcaster of FP Cast, The Book Was Better and Scarjo a go-go. 


Now that you know what it is... how do you get one at Gen Con?

FIND ME! I will be there from late Thursday to way-too-early Sunday. I'll have less than 50 copies on hand over the weekend. Tweet at me if you're around. I'll be in the Unpub area at night and all over during the days. Don't worry though, there are only 50,000 people there. You'll find me.

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