Wild Cypurr Monday Deals!

We were going to do this for Small Business Saturday, but it's really online only and the pun was too purrfect to pass up!

Visit ButtonShyGames.com on Monday 11/30 and you can get some sweet deals on Wild Cats. We have the Wallet Version on super sale, the Smells Like Cat Shirt on an even better sale (there are only a few left - L,XL & 2XL) and an all new promo card that makes you tell the truth AND lie, trying to make everyone believe you were both good and bad. It's really tough! And also really satisfying to pull off.

Here's a closer look at the new card. 

PLUS proceeds on all of these are going to the Animal Welfare Association (visit them at awanj.org). This is where my mortal enemy Dottie came from. She hates me as much as my family loves her. 


The AWA is great and they could always use donations, so we're going to donate $1 from all sales during Cypurr Monday as well as 100% of all proceeds on the new Alley Cat promo card.

Come back tomorrow for these wild deals!


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