The Numbers On Cards Round 1 Winner Has Been Chosen!

Hey it's George here. The time has come for us to announce the winner of Numbers on Cards. We had a lot of fun with this contest. It's just been so cool to see how creative all of the designers are. I'm always impressed with everyone's ideas when we do these design challenges, and this one was no exception. So, let's talk about the top 3 games in alphabetical order. 


Hello World

Hello World was a ton of fun to play. This game has a really cool theme of Gaea vs Synthis. It's a battle of celestial beings and their visions. Gameplay is very simple, you chose which of 3 realms you'll be playing a vision and they will compete for that realm.

Jason - "This game has a lot going on, yet the rules are still very very brief. Each turn you have a great decision space, with late game turns being just crunchy enough."


One Eight Too Much


This game is a really fun puzzle. While playing Jason and I came really close to winning. The last few turns were a real head scratcher as we tried to prevent the mouth card from causing a failure. It was a lot of fun and the difficulty felt just right.

Jason - "It's both adorable and addictive. While I started out feeling like it might be a little too close to Food Chain Island, in the end it was quite different. It's almost more Dustbiters than Food Chain Island and that's a very good thing."

Super Slopes

I am such a fan of the drafting in this game. The real challenge comes in trying to plan ahead during your card placement. It was a lot of fun and the yetis nearly got me!

Jason - "There's the amazing draft and real interesting cardplay. Trying to resolve everything on the course of a line (that can fluctuate as you go) is really cool. The wider player count of 1-3 is a big bonus as well".

And the winner is... Hello World by Luke Seeley! 

Jason -"While Numbsters really takes the number thing to the top, and Super Slopes wowed us with a draft we've never seen before, Hello World was the game we wanted to play over and over. It's a 3 lane game, which we always say is a tough starting point because a few games have done it really well (see Land, Air and Sea for the best example), but this brings something new to the table. It's much bigger than it appears."

Congrats to Luke Seeley for winning. And to Milan Zivkovic and Ted Heidersdorf for their runner up designs. And to all of the designers that submitted games, everyone who made the top 10, and everyone who tinkered away at this challenge and wasn't able to submit. Looking forward to round 2!

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