Androids Invade Anthelion

In case you missed it, Anthelion: Conclave of Power is currently orbiting the Kickstarter system. Three weeks ago we gave an overview of the game and its mechanics. Then last time we covered some of the Petition powers on cards and some basic strategies in the game. Today I’d like to take a look at the 5-card mini-expansion that is included with every pledge for the game. That’s right, we’re taking a deeper look at the Androids in the Anthelion line-up.

What the expansion contains and how to use it

In this mini-expansion you’ll receive 5 new cards: one planet and four characters, all containing the Android alignment. The planet replaces the Rogue Planet from the base game, and the four characters replace the Neutral characters in the base game. This means that over 25% of the cards used in the game are replaced with new ones, providing a fresh experience to players when they sit down for a game of Anthelion: Conclave of Power. So now let’s take a look at each of these cards and what they do. (*Note: These cards are based on playtesting versions of the cards. Final wording and abilities may be different)

Android Hub - Planet

Petition Power: Defrag - Push a Character once. Then Eject a different Character.

Attribute: Networked - An Android may use the Petition Power of another Android Character in play. If you do this, it is the only Petition Power you may use this turn.


This card replaces the Rogue Planet, which essentially provides a huge upgrade in that Planet slot. If you aren’t familiar, the Rogue Planet’s Petition Action was to Eject a Character. Nothing more was featured on that Planet. Already we can see how the Android expansion is going to change things up, as it expands upon that simple Petition adding in a cost. Pushing a Character is nothing to dismiss as a minor inconvenience, as it places them one step closer to your opponent’s Conclave. The Attribute of this Planet is also an interesting one, as it provides some serious synergy among this new Faction of Characters. As long as more than one Android is out there, you are able to have any Android use any other Android Petition in play - which is nice, but only if you are willing for it to be your only Petition of the turn. So let’s dive into what these four Android Character cards can do so you can weigh for yourself if you’ll ever want to take advantage of this Attribute.


Petition Power: Bark - Push any non-Android characters from this Character’s planet once. Then Pull this Android equal to the number of Characters Pushed.

Resource: Love - +One Star for any recruited Android Character.

The Robo-Pet would make an interesting opening action if he was among the first characters placed because he is able to Push any number of Characters from his Planet, and then you Pull him spaces equal to the number of Characters pushed. Do you Push all four other Characters one space toward your opponent in order to get a character into your Conclave at the beginning? Any time there’s a cluster of Characters hanging out together, the Robo-Dog becomes a legitimate scoring concern that you’ll need to plan around - either to score him yourself or to ensure your opponent does not get the opportunity to do so. He’s not worth many Stars on his own, but his Resource trigger makes him even more valuable if you’ve gained an Android or two into your Conclave.


Petition Power: Distress - Push another Character from this Android’s planet once. Then pull another Character from this Android’s planet once.

Attribute: Adrift - After using Distress, Push or Pull Bucket.

Bucket might just be my favorite in this expansion, as it has one of the best Attributes in the game. It has a Petition that moves two different Characters around via a Push and a Pull. But unlike the Threshold Planets, where your opponent gets to move one of the Characters, you are fully in control of who gets moved here. And then as a bonus you get to move a third Character, being able to either Pull or Push Bucket right along with one of those Characters. In a game where you need to eek out every edge you can get, moving three Characters (especially if you Pull two of them) can be a game changer.


Petition Power: Escape - Push or Pull another Character from this Android’s Planet to the adjacent Planet or Conclave with fewer Characters (you choose if tied).

Resource: Freeware - +2 Stars if you have no other recruited Characters worth 4 Stars or more (including bonuses)

Servitor is an interesting Character in the mix of this expansion. It has the Petition power to help someone with it escape to an adjacent Planet or Conclave containing the least number of Characters. While this doesn’t help the Servitor itself, it makes this a great candidate for moving in a group. It is also nice early in the game when you can use that ability to Recruit into your Conclave - something that almost certainly will cease as an option as the game progresses. It is also worth extra stars if you focus in on low-Star Characters which helps make that a more viable strategy to pursue. It also opens up some interesting interplay, such as potentially not wanting your opponent to recruit the Diplomat as the Liberation, as her 3+1 Stars would negate the +2 bonus from the Servitor.


Petition Action: Tail - Push or Pull this Android directly to another Character’s Planet.

Resource: Contacts - Spybot is considered Liberation or Dynasty affiliated in addition to Android.

Spybot is going to steal the spotlight for a lot of players, based on the Petition Action as well as its Resource Ability. This Character is able to Tail another Character, moving directly to their planet. I’m not saying the Spybot could be Boba Fett in disguise, but I’m not denying the possibility that this the famous Bounty Hunter, either. As if that wasn’t good enough - it also has a Resource which allows it to be considered as Liberation or as Dynasty in addition to being an Android. That means this Character will always net you that extra Star if you want it (and why wouldn’t you? Well, there are times when you might lose more Stars than this +1 earns you...) if you get it into your Conclave.


Anthelion: Conclave of Power is currently on Kickstarter and is priced as low as $10 plus shipping and will come packaged in our standard vinyl wallet for maximum portability. We hope you'll use a Petition to Pull a copy into your Conclave during the campaign.


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    • The Maiden In The Forest - Not received yet. Expect to receive and ship in late January.
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