Announcing Launchtime!

Announcing Launchtime!

Wow! You guys have blown us away with your support of Pentaquark on Kickstarter. We thank you so much. In fact you guys have blown us away so much – we are offering a brand new Mike Mullins game you can add to your pledge! It’s a card flipping dexterity game called Launchtime. Not only is it a family game, but it was a family affair when it came to its design. You see, it was not only designed by Mike Mullins, but he also co-designed it with his daughter, Hannah. And just like how Pentaquark embraces the science of particle physics, Launchtime is entry level science with collecting specific foods that an animal prefers. 

The greatest leapers of the animal kingdom have gathered for a jumping competition, but nobody brought lunch! You need to launch to get your meal and grab the food that you like the most. Use special powers that are unique to each animal to help along the way.

Launchtime is for 2 players of almost all ages, and plays in 15 minutes just about anywhere that you can fling a few cards around. 


You can find out more info (including more art and video from Mike and his daughter Hannah) by checking out this update on Kickstarter.

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