Announcing the #GenCant2018 / Button Shy Design Challenge Winner(s)

Last month we teamed up with Gen Can't, the unconvention for those who can't Gen Con, to bring you the #GenCant2018 Design Challenge. Make a game in 18 cards. No other real restrictions, let's just see what you've got, and we will publish the winner.

Having done a few design contests before, and being between contests here, we jumped at the opportunity to work with Suzanne and Gen Can't, and it's been a blast. Not only were there more entries than ever before (this time we were at 108, up from our previous high of 72), but it was the first time we couldn't settle on a single winner.

On the Button Shy end, we had 18 of our close collaborators and designers rate the games. It was Chris Anderson, Ben Begeal, Chip Beauvais, Rob Cramer, John DuBois, Jason Greeno, Travis Hill, Nat Levan, Travis Magrum, Mike Mullins, TC Petty III, Jon Simantov, Carolyn Tagmire, George Tagmire, Jason Tagmire, Dr Wictz. We also had James O' Connor, the winner of the 2017 Gen Can't Design Challenge, and Jason Perez from the Every Night Is Game Night podcast playing and rating games. On the Gen Can't end, Suzanne Sheldon and her team watched every single video and played a ton of games.

Once the paper had been cut, rules were scrubbed, games were played, and the dust had settled, we both had the exact same top two, just in an opposite order. Button Shy picked Tussie Mussie and Seasons of Rice, and Gen Can't picked Seasons of Rice and Tussie Mussie. With that, we decided they were both winners!

As promised, we have reached out to both winners to add these games to our wallet lineup, and we're happy to get that process going. We're also going to send them a Button Shy Pizza Party, as it's a new tradition for any cause of celebration. But for you, you can try out both games in their submitted form, especially if you are attending Gen Can't next week!

Seasons of Rice


"As soon as I finished playing this game I wanted to play again, but one of the testers snagged my copy. The card placement was fresh and exciting. The different style of drafting in each season made for lots of great choices in each game."

Tussie Mussie


"The hallmark of a Button Shy wallet game is that it makes people want to share it with others and it does not feel like it was stifled by only consisting of 18 cards. I am legitimately upset that this is a game I cannot buy right how. I want to tell my friends about it. At least I'll have this print-and-play until then. You have made something very special."

We want to congratulate both winners, and thank everyone that has entered the contest. It's unbelievably exciting to see the creativity and charm of our community. Thanks again everyone!

To read what the Gen Can't team has to say about the contest, check out their post here:

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