Button Shy Family Kickstarter Roundup - 10/13/17

We've been planning this feature for a while now, and with two games on Kickstarter from the Button Shy Family, we figured it's time to go live! Welcome to Button Shy Family on Kickstarter, where we share the love for the designers and artists that we've worked with in the past.  

Jay Treat, designer of Cunning Folk and our December 2016 postcard game Handbook For The Recently Deceased, designed the game Cahoots a few years back and now it's being published by Mayday Games. (Congrats Jay!) There is also a free app (developed by Josh Edwards, developer of our very own Wordwich app), so you can try it out today. It's co-petitive trick tacking with a cool art deco vibe.

The second game we are featuring today isn't technically Button Shy alumni, but I would still consider Greg part of the family. Leviathan was originally submitted to our 2016 Design Challenge (as The Whaleship Essex) and was eventually a finalist in that competition. It's come a long way, (in both development and its sweet art treatment), and needs a push on Kickstarter. It's just 18 cards, asymmetrical and hits the Moby Dick backstory in a neat way.

We'll be back with more as soon as there are more to share. Enjoy the weekend!

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