Button Shy + Nevermore Games = The Spiel Press

We’ve joined forces with Bryan Fischer (Ahead In The Clouds artist) and his company Nevermore Games to create an all new product line that combines the Button Shy mentality (sidestepping the industry norms) with the Nevermore quality (wonderful products that come from a special place).

Our new project is The Spiel Press, the premiere crafter of strategy roll & write game books.

Announcement From Nevermore Games:

The roll & write game is seeing a resurgence and makeover right now thanks to games like Qwixx and Rolling Japan. The Spiel Press is creating a very unique series of game books featuring perforated game sheets in full-color, variation in game-play, and comprehensive rules with adorned theme.

Variation in game-play? Adorned theme?

Yep. We're printing books, as well as, games. Why just have 100 pages of the same game sheet over and over again when the game sheets can have variation, emphasizing replay value and new challenges?  

For instance, in Blood Royals the political climate changes several times as you play through the game sheets, meaning that the map geography on the game sheets changes over time. In Star Maps, you discover and chart a series of new solar systems. You can play any of these in order or out or order as you see fit.

In addition to comprehensive rules, the book will feature thematic elements like backstory, changing storylines as you play, and more. Depending on the game, these thematic moments will either be more core to the game experience or not so much (in more euro-type games).

So, why books?

The Spiel Press isn't just printing books filled with perforated game sheets. We're crafting a game experience. Our roll & write games will have more variation and replay value than any other roll & write games out there. And the book medium gives designers a lot of flexibility in design from legacy elements to creative use of the pages themselves.

What's Coming From The Spiel Press

We are hard at work with several veteran and new game designers to build up a queue of games for publishing. We will be funding our first project via Kickstarter this Summer. As we get our ducks in a row, know that our emphasis is on quality and unique experience, replay value, strategic decisions, affordability, and quick turnaround (from Kickstarter to you).

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On twitter: @spielpress Website: http://spielpress.com

So what does this mean for Button Shy?

Somehow we will have MORE awesome things to offer to you. And as supporters of the Board Game of the Month Club, we’re going to find great ways to merge this in there too.

Part of the appeal of joining with Bryan is that I am not responsible for 100% of the daily activities of running a board game company. I can take a step back... and even design a game!?

Yes, my game Blood Royals will be part of the initial batch. It brings 2 players smack into the middle of a messy royal inheritance where only one child can claim the throne of the king. By getting the masses (and some top level allies) on your side, you can become the next king.

I took an interactive approach to designing a roll and write game, and I'm really happy with the outcome. I'll be bringing it to Unpub this weekend (along with Bryan's Star Maps) if you would like to check it out.


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