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Button Shy Select Series

Posted by Jason Tagmire on

It's time for something all new at Button Shy! Introducing the Button Shy Select series!

Button Shy Select are limited, short run, hand-numbered wallet games SELECTED by us for a SELECT few of you. 

Here's a quick history leading up to this announcement:

One of the original Button Shy core concepts was that making tiny games allowed us to take chances that other publishers simply couldn't take. Our risk was small and therefore we could make a game that wasn't going to skyrocket on Kickstarter. But Kickstarter has become harder and harder over the years as campaigns become more glossy, polished, lower priced and loaded with stretch goals. Some of that is impossible for us, especially with some of the quirkier, non-standard games that we like to feature from time to time. 

In spending so much of our focus on the marketing end, I started to miss the end where we do something fun and low stress, and where making the game is more important than making the add-on material. So we came up with Button Shy Select.

How to get your grubby hands on these.

The select games will be offered to our Board Game of the Month Club Patreon supporters at their discounted rates first (as that is how we can afford to print them), and the remaining copies will be sold on We have around 200 Patreon supporters and we're printing 250 copies, so there will definitely be some remaining, I'm just not sure how many to expect the first time around.

And for our loyal PNP supporters, this will be available in PNP. There are no current limits on PNP availability.

You Fool!

Sorry, I wasn't trying to insult you. The first game in the Select series is You Fool!, a 3-4 player game about making a human pyramid of clowns, and trying not to be the only player not in the human pyramid.

The game is highly social as players will secretly look at a movement card and try to direct the active player on how to use that card. Sometimes players will cooperate to make the pyramid together and other times they will straight up lie to secure their position.

Once the top 3 spaces of the pyramid are formed, the game ends. The player not on the pyramid loses the game and, naturally, gets a pie to the face.

SELECTED BECAUSE: Unique player count (3-4 and best with 4 (for optimal social play), circus theme (adorable but we know some of you are afraid of clowns) and multi-player win condition.

SELECTED FOR: Groups that would enjoy a late night, convention style, good time that has the rush of those Cosmic Encounter games where everyone except one player wins EXCEPT much, much lighter (in both complexity and physical weight).

You Fool! will be offered to our Patreon backers from today until July 9th. On July 10th we will be releasing the remaining copies at 9:00AM EST. They will ship that day. If you want a reminder for this, fill in this google form and we'll get you an email when they go live.

You Fool! at Origins 2017

The designers, Dr. Wictz will be at Origins in Columbus Ohio and they've dedicated 12:00 noon on Friday 6/16 and Saturday 6/17 to showcase the game before it is available. Follow @drwictz and @buttonshy on twitter for the exact location as it gets closer.

More Select games?

There will be more as we have game submissions that are perfect for it. Expect announcements here and at the Board Game of the Month Club Patreon as things develop. Thanks!

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