Can Inzill Mey Save The Day?

Can Inzill Mey Save The Day?

Twin Stars: Escape The Brig is the introductory scenario in the Twin Stars Solo System. In this scenario we meet our first two characters, Inzill Mey and Strezelsior, who are both trying to break out of the ship's Brig, while under the vicious guard's semi-watchful eye.

Today we are taking a deeper look at Inzill Mey.

Inzill Mey comes from the caves of Delling, a relatively large planet in the Outer Crust of the galaxy. The planet is largely inhabited by Gleohs, which are large stone biostructures that can become aggressive, quickly. This forced Inzill and the rest of the native Dey-Ids to go underground many, many years ago.

While the Dey-Ids are unaware of Inzill's fate, she managed to build her own spacecraft underground, and leave her captive, fearful planet behind. Unsure of what she will encounter in the outside world, her wits and mechanical skills will guide her way.

In Twin Stars you control two characters and use their instants and abilities to create dice combos. These combos will help you complete the mission, or sometimes cause you to fail. The characters that you play with will shape each game.

Health: 3
Skill Check Range: 1-4
Stars: 1
Checks: 2
Alerts: 3

As you roll dice in Twin Stars you will allocate each to a character. You have two characters and two dice, so you are presented with some interesting options. The primary goal is to get two stars, but there are some great offshoots along the way.

6: Check

Since you can reduce a die to re-roll the other, the 6 is always a tricky spot. It's hard to get in that you will only either roll one naturally or use an instant or ability or manipulate a die into a 6. Losing that reduction element makes it a tough little target. But...

5: Check

...Inzill had another check right below it! If you rolled the natural 6, but couldn't combo into a double check, you can just knock this die down and try again, with little risk. and...

4: Star

...if you are on a terrible rolling streak, you have one more shot. A big shot. Now you can try for the ultimate two star combo. Luck had better be on your side by now, because you are now about to experience the deep downside of Inzill Mey.

3: Alert, Instant - Use another character's instant.

Now if you roll a 3, it could be great. Using another character's instant allows you to choose (assuming they have more than one) and it's a glimmer of hope as we go down the die. It's Inzill looking out of the cave into the outside world that she has always dreamed about. The downside of this value is that if you had to reduce down to a 3, you don't get the instant. You just get the big old Alert and are forced to re-roll the other die. Your chances of rolling a double Alert depend on the other character, but it's never a good position to be in.

2. Instant - Place the other die on any number and re-roll this die. 

The last ray of starlight is about to fade away. You can place the other die on any number and re-roll this one. Your chances of hitting something great are high. Look at the entire top half, Check, check, star. But you have the Alert at three, and something even worse to come. If you knocked down to this spot (because your other character would have been worse or because re-rolling on Inzill is risky), you cannot combo and if you can't manipulate your way out of this jam you are going to be in a bad spot.

1. Alert, Alert

This is bad. Real bad. Complete darkness. If you roll a 1 when Inzill is in play, you have to give it to the other character. Hers is a double Alert, which is enough to combo on its own, no matter what the other die rolls. When you are dropping down in numbers and not combining, it can get a little stressful. When you are re-rolling Inzill's die, it can be a lot stressful.

Special Ability

The final unique aspect of each character card is their special ability.

Spend 1 Energy To Add 1 Health To Either Character

Dey-Ids adapt to their surroundings well and have survived underground for many many generations, due to their natural survival instincts. For her special, Inzill refers back to her roots and does whatever it takes to heal herself or her companion. Sometimes it's using your surroundings and other times it's just holding onto hope and the possibility of what else is out there.

Twin Stars: Escape The Brig was designed by Jason Tagmire (Seven7s, Maximum Throwdown) and Mike Mullins (Bottom of the 9th, Pentaquark) and is the first scenario in the Twin Stars Solo System. Twin Stars is part of Button Shy's Pocket Universe. 

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