Deep Pockets - Episode 001

Deep Pockets - Episode 001

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Welcome to something all new for us at Button Shy. :)

As you may know already, the Pocket Universe is the setting of our collection of sci-fi / fantasy games (Pod-X / Universal Rule / Twin Stars and the upcoming That Snow Moon). Art, characters and locations are shared between the games. 

After a wild conversation with Mike Mullins (co-designer, and flavor text writer of Twin Stars), I decided that we should go for it and create a weekly webcomic based on the Pocket Universe. It'll allow us to get deeper into the characters, create a little narrative between games and have some fun.

I contacted Luke Milton, artist and pop culture extraordinaire to see if he was interested, as he is not only the artist for Twin Stars, but he also created all of the characters and does his own fair share of comic work. Luke was in and we were good to go.

A few weeks later and here we are. The first episode is below and there are many, many more to come. Introducing Deep Pockets: A Microcosmic Micro Comic.

Deep Pockets is written by Jason Tagmire and Mike Mullins with art by Luke Milton. Expect a new episode each Wednesday.

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