Game of the Week: Ahead in the Clouds

Let's talk about history, shall we? Guess what launched on October 4th? 

Did you guess that in 1861, President Lincoln was watching balloons launch? He attended a demonstration of balloons to be used for military intelligence gathering. Look up the Union Balloon Corps sometime.

Wait, you didn't guess Sputnik, did you? I mean, Sputnik did launch on 10/4/57, but look at the title of this post. Sputnik went *way* higher than the clouds.

I'm referring, of course, to one of our best selling and best rated games, Daniel Newman's Ahead in the Clouds, which launched a year ago this week. Why not celebrate this airborne anniversary by picking the game up at a discount?

The citizens of the Empacta skies long for the days where everyone, not just the wealthy, can ditch their masks and breathe the precious air that they call their home. Players are industrialists in the clouds, pulling dust from the air to create stone, and condensing water vapor to use and convert to hydrogen and oxygen. By collecting and converting resources, they need to fulfill specific contracts. The player who is the most successful at fulfilling the contracts and has the most resources at the end of the game wins.

Ahead in the Clouds is a two player game designed by Daniel Newman with art by Bryan Fischer. Gameplay lasts 15-30 minutes (you will immediately want to play again) and recommended for ages 12 and up.

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