Game of the Week - Movie Plotz

Happy New Year from all of us at Button Shy!
We want to celebrate the first day of the new year with a sale on our very first published wallet game: Alex Strang's Movie Plotz.
This simple, engaging party game has long been a favorite at Button Shy. We've loved seeing pictures of Movie Plotz at family game nights and tweets of late-night sessions at conventions. We've been able to expand the game with Movie Plotz: the Sequel as well as many promos for our Board Game of the Month Club.
Movie Plotz is a wild game that allows your group to create hilarious fake movie story lines, then pitch them out loud for maximum laughs. It is designed to be the ultimate social game, party game and ice-breaker game. Sessions can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on your group's needs. If you have gaming group, a group of family and friends, or some co-workers looking for fun during their free time, the game is a hilarious stress reliever and conversation starter. Try Movie Plotz with hardcore gamers, improv comedians or children of any age and be amazed by the results.
Grab both the original Movie Plotz and the Sequel for 33% off with the coupon code GOTW. We'll even include a promo card in the first 10 orders. 
And don't worry, if you've made a resolution not to buy too many new games this year, we won't tell anyone.
Here's to a great 2018!
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