Game of the Week - Smoke and Mirrors

Yes, yes, I got all of the emails. And the DM's. And the texts. We'll discuss how you all got my phone number later.

For now, I'm happy to announce that yes, we will help you celebrate Halloween by naming our Victorian magician bluffing game Smoke and Mirrors the Game of the Week. We'll even add in a PNP of one of our Halloween-themed postcard games, Scissorcards, for free!

Smoke and Mirrors is a bluffing game for 2-5 players, designed by Chip Beauvais, with art by Fabrice Weiss and Sara Beauvais. As the greatest magicians in the world, players will compete for the top spot by trying to go bigger and better than the previous magician using a limited number of tricks. But the players need to watch how much they share, because once their secrets are revealed, they are out!

Players each get 3 trick cards, from 3 different decks. They must use these cards to create a magic act that has a trick value of one number higher than the player to their left using any amount of their cards. If successful, the players continue, building more and more dangerous magic acts. The winner is the last player standing. 

So here's your chance to grab a treat from Button Shy. This link will take you to the game's page. Use the code GOTW at checkout to get a 33% discount and a free Scissorcards postcard game PNP!

Happy Halloween! 

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