Game of the Week - Universal Rule

We're back for another Game of the Week special. Wait, where were we last week?... Oh yeah! Launching our latest Kickstarter campaign! We have three very different games available: Hero Tec, Kintsugi, and In Vino Morte. The campaign ends Saturday, and we'd love your support.

While we keep tabs on our current campaign, we thought we could celebrate a campaign that ended one year ago. Universal Rule is our foray into 4X territory, and if you missed it the first time around, now is your chance to exploit our generosity and expand your collection.

Deep in the Pocket Universe, the balance of power is shifting. Seventeen newly discovered planets are being colonized and tapped for crucial resources. Shifting alliances and stacks of galactic credits influence battles for control. 

In Universal Rule, players battle for control of the universe in this pocket-sized 4X style game. You can colonize new planets, explore new areas on those planets, gain credits based off of the resources that the planet produces, or attempt to destroy other planets that threaten your existence. Other players can follow, but at a cost. The first player to show their true dominance through victory points wins the game. 

Universal Rule is a 3-5 player game designed by Chip Beauvais with art by Sara Beauvais and layout by Jason Washburn (of Talon Strikes Studios). Gameplay lasts 30-45 minutes and is recommended for ages 12 and up.


Don't forget to use the code GOTW to save 33%.


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