Granite Games Summit Fall 2016 - Photo Recap - Publisher's POV

This past weekend was the Granite Games Summit (a.k.a. G2S) Fall convention in Nashua, NH. Jason from Button Shy was there, along with a few Button Shy designers - we thought we share a few pictures of the fun.

Ryan from Cardboard Republic and his tiny hand.
The hotel at G2S had a full on pirate ship.
Shooting the Universal Rule Kickstarter video.
Universal Rule with Ninja: Silent But Deadly designer Ben Gerber.
Chip teaching Smoke & Mirrors.
Somebody Ninja'd Jason.
Daniel Newman teaching Ahead In The Clouds.
Playing Ahead In The Clouds with Marshall Britt of Yanaguana Games.
From left to right: Daniel Newman (Ahead in the Clouds), Ben Gerber (Ninja: Silent But Deadly), Chip Beauvais (Smoke & Mirrors & Universal Rule) and Jason Tagmire (Head of Button Shy Games) 
We even had a few Button Shy games to give away in a Play To Win raffle. There was not only one for Smoke & Mirrors, but one for 5 wallet games - Avignon, Cunning Folk, Fever Chill, North South East Quest and Pickpockets.  A great time was had by all, and we would like to thank Mike Taylor, Kimberly Bullock and Kevin Craine for putting G2S together.



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