Introducing Avignon: Pilgrimage - A Standalone Expansion To Avignon: A Clash Of Popes

Introducing Avignon: Pilgrimage - A Standalone Expansion To Avignon: A Clash Of Popes

Announcing a new standalone expansion by John du Bois.

Rekindle the flames of faith first stirred up in Avignon: a Clash of Popes. The standalone expansion Avignon: Pilgrimage introduces new ways to push and pull your way to Pope, even more characters with new powers that change with their position, and alternate setups that create even more variety. Play Pilgrimage by itself or combine it with the powers from A Clash of Popes to add new levels of strategy and tactics while preserving the quick and accessible gameplay of the original.

Button Shy Games is excited to announce Avignon: Pilgrimage, a stand-alone expansion to Avignon that introduces six new Characters, with abilities that differ than those in Avignon: A Clash of Popes. Gameplay is like that of the original Avignon, using the characters' unique powers to pull the character cards over to their side of the table (their congregation), or force an opponent to push cards towards them. The first player to get three characters into their congregation wins.

This will be our third standalone in the Wallet Line. Over the summer we revisited Movie Plotz with Movie Plotz: The Sequel, and while not your standard approach to an expansion, Tag Team will be coming out in two versions. Both are completely independent on their own, yet they can be combined and played together. Avignon is following in those footsteps.

For new players, it's a push and pull game of timing and opportunity, very tactical and very concise. Games are quick, but thinky. For those who have played the original, Pilgrimage has a different feel. Locations matter more now, and character's relative location to each other is important.

Another new aspect that you will notice is that new characters have a faction. Factions come into play when combining the original set with Pilgrimage. You can set the game up in a variety of ways, based on your preferred play style. When you play an Canonist it is considered the same faction as the Inquisitor in both setup and gameplay. (Example: The Noble has powers that take effect when the Peasant or Knight end up in players' Congregations, so the Pilgrimage Peasant faction would trigger the same effect).

The new factions allows for game setups as simple as "choose 6 characters of different factions and play 2 of each" to more complex setups like "choose 1 of each character". Each of the variants will put a new twist on your original strategy.

Avignon: Pilgrimage was designed by John du Bois (Avignon: A Clash of Popes) with artwork by Fabrice Weiss. Pilgrimage is the second game in our Avignon series and can be played alone or mixed with Avignon: A Clash of Popes. Avignon: Pilgrimage will be part of our January Kickstarter campaign, along with Turbo Drift and Find Your Seats.

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