Introducing free shipping on Button Shy games!

In celebration of quitting my job and taking on a larger role at Button Shy (well, managing my already large role in a better way) I wanted to pass on something to all of you.

Starting today, all orders of $25+ (US) and $50+ (INT), will get free shipping.

What does this mean? Well for our international friends it means you will save a considerable amount on a $50 order. It could be as much as $20 in shipping. We can't take that hit on a single game or two, but we're going to jump in and take it on $50 orders. For our US friends, this deal jumps in at just $25, as your shipping is half as much money as our non-US friends. 

And if you have a coupon code, this will still apply. Just simply add the games to your cart, add your coupon code and if it's over the threshold, then you get the free shipping. 

We also paired this up with a great Avignon offer, dropping the game and its expansions from $32 down to $25. With the free shipping it's quite a savings on one of our biggest and best selling games. 

While we're here, I want to mention a few quick immediate goals:

1) I'm going to get all of the game pages up to speed. Some are missing player reviews and great photos and we need consistent player count images for all games.

2) I'm also going to be working on consistent blogs here. They've been spotty as I've been putting in late hours when I'm not working, but I want to share all of the cool things that are going on behind the scenes, so expect more content here that isn't just a sale or a new game that is available.

That's it for now. Enjoy the new codes and expect to see much more of me now that I'm freeing up some time. 



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