Introducing Universal Rule - A 4X game that fits in your pocket

Deep in the Pocket Universe, the balance of power is shifting. Seventeen newly discovered planets are being colonized and tapped for crucial resources. Shifting alliances and stacks of galactic credits influence battles for control. Can you claim Universal Rule in this 4X wallet game from Button Shy?

Button Shy Games is excited to announce Universal Rule, a 4X game that fits in your pocket. Players are vying to control the universe by exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating. Players will provide their own coins (or use one of our upgrade packs).

 Each turn, the active player selects an action they would like to do to improve their personal galaxy. Each opponent, however, can also execute that action, if they are willing to pay the cost.

Each planet card in Universal Rule has can be played either as a basic planet, or an upgraded planet. Each option comes with its own powers and a unique ability. The combinations of abilities are really what makes the game sing.


In addition to the victory points from planets and credits, players can get 6 victory points (of the 15 or fewer that they need to win) from the Offensive Edge card. This card goes to the player who committed the most resources to the last successful attack against another player. It’s not easy to obtain the Edge card, and it’s even more difficult to hang on to it, but it can be a key components in your plans for victory.


Whatever your strategy, you’ll have to time your actions carefully. You can only declare victory during your turn. If you are close to winning, and fear that you are running out of time, you can even attempt a Secret Fleet Victory, but if you lose, there’s a high cost to pay. Win or lose, with such an epic experience delivered in under an hour, you’ll be back to the table again soon.

Universal Rule was designed by Chip Beauvais (Chroma Cubes, Smoke and Mirrors) and is part of Button Shy's Pocket Universe. Our first glimpse into the universe was Pod-X, a wallet game where players are trying to escape from a crashing starship (The Exspectrum). In Universal Rule, players are trying to colonize and destroy planets in their own little corners of the galaxy.

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