Late July is all about solo gaming, rolling and writing.

The last few weeks of July are going to be pretty wild here, as we will have two Kickstarter campaigns going. The first is Twin Stars: Collection, a wallet-sized gathering of all of our Twin Stars games (by Jason Tagmire and Mike Mullins), plus more too. There will be custom bits, a new scenario and even some stretch goal cards that are unlike anything we've released. If you've been enjoying Twin  Stars or are into solo gaming, this campaign will be one to look for. It's just one week, starting 7/19 and ending on 7/26.

Before Twin Stars completes, we have a slight shift in gears to The Spiel Press. This is a new Button Shy / Nevermore Games team up company, focused entirely on Roll and write game books. Our first Kickstarter campaign launches 7/25 and includes two books. Star Maps by Bryan Fischer and Blood Royals by Jason Tagmire (me!). These are perforated game books that add a little variation to the roll and write standard. For example: in Blood Royals, you are a descendant of the dying King, and after the throne. Depending on the winner of the game, the next game takes you onto a new journey with a new King. Some things change, and the experience widens.

Here's a close up peek at the Major Supporters of Blackwallen. These aren't finished at this point, but it's an idea of the tone.

 So keep an eye out on July 19th and July 25th! It's a busy month... and then comes Gen Con. :)

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