Nano Game Winner Announcement

Nano Game Winner Announcement

Earlier this fall, we announced a little contest asking board game designers for their best Nano Game.  We were surprised to receive 29 different games from designers around the US and the world. In early December, we whittled down those pitches to 15 Finalists across 3 categories. You can read more about those finalists here.  We have spent the last few weeks playing through the finalists and are ready to announce them here.

We would first like to thank all the judges that took time out of their lives to whittle down the entries and then play the finalists and help us determine the winners. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Josh Edwards

Benjamin Begeal

Jason Tagmire

Todd Walsh

Mike Mullins

Jay Treat

Doug Levandowski

Daniel Newman

Chip Beauvais

Nat Levan

Benny Sperling

John Du Bois

And now onto the winners:


Cards Only

Zen Garden

Jason Meyers

Zen Garden is a 9 card 2 player co-op where you’re trying to deduce the win condition while also meeting it. Some of our judges were already thinking up solo and other variant while playing, showing the versatility of the game space that Jason has built.


Small Fry

Chase Through The Kraken Field

Achim Zien


Anything Goes


Rob Cramer

Rob designed a small little card stacking game with a twist! His game for 3-5 players, players will be picking cards simultaneously and stacking them on top of a tower, hopefully keeping it standing. Players could be placing cards on their own, or they could be working with the other players to stack a single card on the tower.

Congrats to the winners and thank you to all of the designers that submitted.

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