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Yee-haw! Circle the Wagons!

Posted by Ryan Sanders on

Yee-haw! Circle the Wagons!

Button Shy is excited to announce Circle the Wagons, a 2-player map-building game that transports you back to the time of wagon trains, boomtowns and gold-rushes. Designed by Steven Aramini (Yardmaster), Danny Devine (Ghosts Love Candy) and Paul Kluka; featuring the art of Beth Sobel (Herbaceous, World's Fair 1893 and Lanterns) and logo design of Bryan Fischer (Chicken Caesar). Circle the Wagons is the winner of the 2016 Button Shy Wallet Design Contest, beating out over 70 other games. The Rundown Setup is simple - just place the cards in a circle and flip the final 3 cards over to...

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