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The 18 Card Challenge - Role-Playing Game

Posted by george tagmire on

Hey Designers, guess what's back... The 18 Card Challenge!  Before we start let me introduce myself. I'm George, Jason's brother. A few weeks ago I started helping him out with Button Shy. One of the thing's we discussed was getting the 18 Card Challenge back up and running. My plan is to assist with organizing the contest, judging the games and work with Marty Cobb and Jason on the results. Most importantly, we plan to bring the 18 Card Challenge to you more often and more efficiently.  Ok, so lets get to the fun part! This challenge we are looking...

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September Design Challenge: Create an 18 card game where every card is identical.

Posted by Jason Tagmire on

This is the first of our new series of design challenges. They're small monthly contests for 18 card designs but with some unique additional restrictions. And we're starting off with a real hard one. Create an 18 card game where every card is identical. What does that even mean? Well, it means you have one card design, repeated 18 times. Like a Magic the Gathering deck full of zero-cost counterspells, where two players just counter each other over and over again. Ok terrible example. How about a game of poker with just aces. Nope. See how hard this is? Some...

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