The GenCant 18 Card Flip and Write Winner Has Been Chosen!

Hello everyone!

It's time to reveal the runners up and winner of the GenCant/Button Shy 2022 18 Card Flip and Write Challenge. But before we start, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who submitted and congrats to everyone for making some real solid entries. The addition of a tiny piece of paper really opened up the design space in a big way.

There were 102 entries. Which is the EXACT SAME NUMBER as the last Gen Cant wallet design challenge in 2018. Pretty unbelievable. 

Let's take a look at the finalists first.


All of these made our short list. :)

Alpinarium - Alfred Valley
Banana Hut Hustle - Roshni Patel
Circuits - Mitch Wallace
Circumstellar - Stefan Barkow
Contrapunctus XIV - Douglas Buchanan
Doodle Art Collectors - Dustin Dobson, Milan Zivkovoc
Dueling Dungeons - Kevin Sylves
How to Build a Chair - Chris Klimowski
Mayan Founders - Joel Escalante & Rafael Escalante
Pizzahere - Martin Daine
Printer's Devil - Joseph Kelly
Seeing Paths - Dan Hassin
Snake Snack - Dominique Ferland
The Con Game - Eric Ledger
The Nightsky - Michał Gniadek
Trichotomy - Jared McComb
Vertical Village - Jay Yeates 
World's Edge - Mike Berg
Zebra - Rob Cramer

TOP 3 (which are coincidentally the bottom 3 alphabetically!)
These one's really impressed the judges. We've provided the PNPs for each of these so that you can try them out during GenCant as well!

Vertical Village - Jay Yeates



World's Edge - Mike Berg



Zebra - Rob Cramer




World's Edge by Mike Berg! All of the top 3 were great, but this one really had us glued to the card flips, looking for the icons and movement spaces that we wanted. Hope you enjoy it as well!

Congrats Mike, all of the top 3, finalists and everyone else who submitted their games. See you in the next challenge. 🦖

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