Gearing Up for HeroTec with a Contest

Here at Buttonshy HQ, we're always playing prototypes. Whether we're polishing the next wallet game, developing Board Game of the Month Club content, or judging our wallet game design contest, more prototypes hit our tables than we can count. Admittedly, we can't count very high unless we take our shoes off, but that's not the point! 

The point is that we love working with you to achieve our goal - creating memorable experiences that come in small packages. 

Recently we found ourselves confronted with a bit of a problem; an order was going to print and we were two cards short of a full sheet. Instead of cramming in two partially developed expansion cards, we decided to add two cards with ZERO development! 

These two cards are set in the universe of our August wallet game, Duane Kolar's HeroTec, featuring art from longtime Buttonshy collaborator Fabrice Weiss. HeroTec is an engine-building game that would make James Bond's gadget genius Q proud. The two cards pictured above? We don't know what they do. In fact, we were hoping you would know...

Two Card Hero Contest Announcement!

Can you design a game based on these two cards? What kind of memorable experience can you create with this character and the underground lair? 

Can you be our Two Card Hero?

Component Limit

  • 2 Cards - must use all card elements
  • up to 4 dice
  • up to 10 coins 
  • pad and paper (optional)

Submit the full rules of your game via email to no later than 11:59 pm on July 31st. Gameplay videos are helpful but absolutely not required as long as your rules are clear!

The winning entry, as judged by the Buttonshy staff, will receive a contract offer for publication with royalties and all that fun stuff. In addition, you will receive one of the Buttonshy Collection Boxes filled with all sorts of goodies from here at HQ. Only 10 of these boxes even exist!

Design Details

We put a lot of thought into the layout of the cards, the types and colors of icons, and the differences between the card faces. There's also a general game arc that the cards speak to: the character is on a mission, and progress is made when the lair card is face up. That's... not a lot, actually. The rest is up to you, but here are some things to consider.

  • The single character card seems to indicate this is a solo game, but you can make a game with any player count. Are the players working together? Do some players instead try to thwart the mission?
  • You may have noticed that on each side there is a single unique icon, and that the gear color matches two of the icons. The magnifying glass and the walkie-talkies even switch colors. Are these two sides of the same character? What causes the card to flip? Could they instead be variable player powers on a card that doesn't flip?
  • Is the black and white side of the lair the starting point, where the character is preparing, or does it indicate a dangerous situation? What triggers the change?
  • Do the icons on the color side of the lair represent a progress bar, or potential actions for the player?
  • Is this the last bulleted question?

Use Your Resources!

Though the theme of the game may be espionage, secrecy is not your best weapon. Once you have a workable concept, reach out to the community for feedback and testing! If you tag us on Twitter @buttonshy and use #2CardHero, we'll try to retweet you so you can get more eyes on your design. There is no better way for you to advertise for us... uh, to improve your entry! (Is that how editing works? You just put an ellipsis and they forget what you typed before, right?)

Good luck! We cannot wait to see what you come up with! 



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