You Fool arrives Monday in limited quantities!

Next Monday, 7/10/17, we will open up orders for You Fool, the 3-4 player clown pyramid negotiation game by Dr. Wictz.

This is also the very first game in the Button Shy Select series, so copies are limited to just 250. I know that a large portion of them are already pre-ordered (Patreon supporters get early pre-orders, as well many other sweet rewards), but there are still a good amount for when we go live on Monday morning.

If you haven't been able to catch You Fool in action yet (and it can be a great experience even just watching), here's a quick demo from Dr. Wictz and Board Game Geek.

And a few photos of the game in action.

Dr. Wictz teaching You Fool at Origins 2017.

And here is Marty Cobb accepting his fate as the fool.

The game is a late night blast, for gamers that like a light hearted negotiation game, that can get just heated enough. It's great for convention play as well, and can be fun just to watch in action. If that sounds up your alley come back on Monday at 9AM when the limited copies are released.

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