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The Second Most Perfect Moment

The Second Most Perfect Moment

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Suddenly, a portal opens up and someone walks through it - not just anyone, but you. Before you can say anything, the other you says, “Shut up and listen. This is a time machine. You know what you have to do.” As you are handed the machine, your mind immediately goes back to that one event that you always wished that you could have changed.

This is your chance to change it. You see on the readout that the machine is already primed to go to the exact date and time that you were thinking of. As you press the activate button, the other you says, “Don’t screw it up like I did.”

The Second Most Perfect Moment is a standalone (and combinable) expansion to The Perfect Moment. It's made up of 3 small expansions that were released in 2019.

Players race to rewrite history in their favor using a deck of only 18 cards. Players use equipment, exploit paradoxes in the time-space continuum, and author their own revision of the past. Featuring a clever multi-sided card system, every card is used by both players based on what they can see. Equipping that card for yourself may just give your opponent the ability they were looking for. Every turn, players activate up to two revealed cards, which each have special effects. After the effects are resolved, the player can optionally score a card to earn up to 3 points depending on how closely they match it. The first player to 16 points wins. It takes careful planning and a bit of luck to avoid failing like you have so many times before. This time will be different.

1-2 Players (Comes with rules for solo play)

Also available: Time Travel Gone Wrong 6 card expansion. 


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