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Battlecrest: Deluxe Hero Pack #1

Battlecrest: Deluxe Hero Pack #1

  • $ 400

What is the mark of a true champion? Legendary heroes clash across the Neververse to find out.

Battlecrest is a card-based tactical skirmish game for 2 players (1-4 with expansions), unlike any other. With perfect information, players must truly outwit their opponent to win.


  • Players: 2 (1-4 with expansions)
  • Length: 20-30 minutes
  • Age: 10+


Deluxe Hero Pack #1 is a set of Hero and Minion cards in alternative color palettes so you can pit them against themselves using two sets of hero cards. 
Contains one alternate card for each of the following Heroes/Minions:

  • Akhena
  • Mutiny
  • RIG
  • Whispyr
  • Aura
  • Forge

Battlecrest Designers: Dustin Dobson and Milan Zivkovic
Artists: Jesse Turner and Fachri Maulana (Katkrunch)


Battlecrest: Deluxe Hero Pack #1 ($4) - requires two copies of Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Wallet Game and/or two copies of Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #1 for the hero action cards.

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