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Ugly Gryphon Inn

Ugly Gryphon Inn

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Ugly Gryphon Inn is the second game in the Button Shy Simply Solo series. These are games that are one player only, light on rules, and big on replayability.  

You own the questionably prestigious Ugly Gryphon Inn, which is the only Inn within a hundred miles. Your patrons are rowdy  and rude, but they are the only ones around. Your goal is to fill your inn with enough patrons to keep the debt collectors at bay, but to do so you must manage some painfully particular, peculiar patrons.

In Ugly Gryphon Inn, you’ll be tasked with single-handedly managing your patrons’ various needs to ensure they all get a good night’s rest. Each turn, you’ll send one drowsy patron up to their room, then check to make sure all your patrons are sleeping soundly. If something’s irking them, they might raise a fuss, so keep an eye on what they need as you go. Afterwards, you’ll usher in more guests and keep an eye on the bar to make sure there’s no trouble. There’s never a moment to rest in The Ugly Gryphon Inn!

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 15 Minutes
  • Age: 8+


More Patrons (3 Patron cards)

You’ve finally cleared out the bar and sent everyone off to bed...but what’s that sound? A knock at the door, at this hour? Why, it’s just what you need: MORE patrons jostling for a spot at your inn! It’s gonna be a long night...These patrons are particularly picky, and will make your night even more difficult!

These expansion cards are shuffled into the starting deck, adding to the available Patrons found in the base game. You’ll need to manage these new needy customers more carefully, as your inn will require one more contented patron to be considered successful.

Local Dragons (3 Dragon Cards)

You’ve handled plenty of rowdy customers in your time, from monks and mages to giants and goblins, but there’s one thing you’ve never faced: the mighty Dragon. Now your humble inn has drawn the attention of an ancient wyrm. Pay close attention to who leaves and who stays: if your departing Patrons irritate the lurking Dragon, all your hard work is sure to go up in flames!

Each game using the Local Dragons expansion adds 1 of 3 possible Dragons to your Inn. As Patrons leave, check their symbols to see whether they provoke the Dragon. If the Dragon is sufficiently provoked -- two matching symbols accumulated -- you’ll lose the game.

Innployees (3 Innployee Cards)

As you carry a tower of twenty filled pint glasses across a bar filled with fighting, smelly patrons you have an epiphany – you need to hire some help!

You may only hire one employee per round. If you hire an employee, flip over the top card from the deck. Then, check the quirk on the employee – it combines with the other patrons at the bar and trigger a bad effect.

After the employee is added – and any bad effects are resolved – when the player adds a patron to the inn they must resolve the employee’s special action as well. Their special actions are shown on the card. After the special action is resolved, the employee card is discarded.

By the end of the game, the player must have hired all three employees into their inn. For an employee to be considered ‘hired’ their special effect must have been resolved.

The Little Beak Guesthouse (5 Patron Cards and 1 Little Beak Gueshouse Card)

It’s the busy season at the Ugly Gryphon Inn! The bar is crowded, the inn is rapidly filling up, and you are going to have to take drastic measures – but opening up the adjacent guesthouse. The Little Beak, the quaint little guesthouse next to the Inn, is technically liveable and has been free of pyro-rats for several days now. Might as well open it up and collect a few extra coins!

When selecting a patron at the bar to go to to sleep, you may now add that patron to the Little Beak guesthouse instead of the inn. When a patron is added to the guesthouse, the guesthouse is checked for irks from the top down. The regular inn is not checked.

To win, The Little Beak must have 3 patrons at the end of the game. However, there is a twist. The guesthouse can only have, at most, one of each quirk (noise, fight, smell) in the guesthouse.

Designed by Scott Almes
Art by Ardialh


Ugly Gryphon Inn Wallet Game ($12) - required for all games

More Patrons Expansion ($3)

Local Dragons Expansion ($3)

Innployees Expansion ($3)

The Little Beak Guesthouse Expansion ($4)

Ugly Gryphon Inn Expansion Collection ($12)
- includes More Patrons, Local Dragons, Innployees and The Little Beaks Guesthouse packed in a wallet (requires Ugly Gryphon Inn Wallet Game)

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