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Jewelers Row

Jewelers Row

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Jewelers Row
Designed by James O'Connor
Art by Marty Cobb
2-4 Players
20 Minutes
Ages 8+

Deep beneath the street of Jewelers Row, gnomish gem crafters forge intricate pieces coveted throughout the realm. With each delivery, you specialize in two prized gem types. Be careful not to use too many of the same gem in one piece, or customers will question their authenticity. You can always shift the blame to your competition, though; they’re certainly doing the same to you…

Players will each place a single gem card onto the grouping of gems, hopefully scoring points on each placement. Points are scored when 3 or 4 of the same gem type is in a row, but if you reach 5 or more of the same, you will start to lose points. Losing points isn't always a bad thing in Jewelers Row, however, as just before you score you will send your lowest scoring gem to your neighbor. Players then score for their top two gems, and only those two.

As you try to maximize your highest two gem types, you will want to watch your neighbor on your left to try to knock them down a notch, and watch the neighbor on your right to see the damage they're sending your way. 

NOTE: Jewelers Row requires a pen and paper for tracking scores. We will be providing a PNP of a rules sheet if you would like to print one out. 

Only 250 copies available!
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