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Battlecrest PNP (Print And Play)

Battlecrest PNP (Print And Play)

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NOTE: This is a PNP. You will be sent digital files only. If you would like a physical game, visit

What is the mark of a true champion? Legendary heroes clash across the Neververse to find out.

Battlecrest is a card-based tactical skirmish game for 2 players (1-4 with expansions), unlike any other. With perfect information, players must truly outwit their opponent to win.

Battlecrest Fellwoods Base Wallet Game (includes two heroes, Akhena and Mutiny with his minion, RIG, and the Fellwoods map)

Shots ring out in the overgrown forest. A rugged pirate, festooned with weapons of war, stomps into view. He scans the nearby treeline with practiced rigor. In the gnarled canopy above, a celestial goddess calls for an ancestral blessing against this implacable foe. With a divine roar she drops to the ground below, swinging her ornate staff with the strength of a thousand lifetimes at her waiting target…

The Fellwoods is a large, enchanted forest covering a remote, mostly unknow planet. Enormous, hulking trees, dense moss and vines, and shrouds of mist lock the secrets of the forest within. Wild Magic is very much alive here, protected by guardians and spirits.

Akhena is cosmic energy personified. A font of ancient knowledge provides her with a flexibility that mere mortals lack. In battle she draws guidance from powerful ancestor spirits, giving her both durability and strength in equal measure. To defeat her is to defeat mortality itself, for what could be more deadly than a living goddess?

Mutiny is rugged raider who has seen better days, but that won't stop him. He's got a head full of schemes and an array of ill-gotten loot to keep him going. Wily and clever, Mutiny knows better than to pick a fair fight. The best battles are the ones that end in a single shot from afar with his clockwork RIG helping to pin the target down. Less fuss that way.

  • Players: 2 (1-4 with expansions)
  • Length: 20-30 minutes
  • Age: 10+

Battlecrest: Imperator Solo Expansion

This expansion enables gameplay for one player to play as any hero against any other hero using these 6 solo Command cards and that hero’s AI rules insert. 

Battlecrest: Whispyr Hero Set
Whispyr made an oath to protect the Neverlands against the corruption of dark magic; she has a killer instinct and a knack for striking quickly before her victim can retaliate.

Battlecrest: Forge Hero Set
The powerful warbot Forge is an unyielding colossus with an unlimited capacity for destruction; his massive blast shield doubles as a surprise weapon which may vaporize the unwary.

Battlecrest: Korvu Hero Set Though many have tried to topple this living legend, the Sakkan fighter has never been defeated. His up-close fighting style is as direct as his philosophy: the first battle you lose is your last.

Designers: Dustin Dobson and Milan Zivkovic
Artists: Jesse Turner and Fachri Maulana (Katkrunch)


Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Wallet Game - required for all games

Battlecrest: Imperator Solo Expansion - adds solo play

Battlecrest: Whispyr Hero Set - adds a new character, Whispyr

Battlecrest: Forge Hero Set - adds a new character, Forge

Battlecrest: Korvu Hero Set - adds a new character, Korvu

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