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Storyteller Manual

Storyteller Manual

  • $ 1000

Within this manual are the secrets to unlocking your inner storyteller. By the end you'll write a movie, draw a comic, develop a hero, write short stories, write even shorter stories, create your own card game, and more!


These games and activities require the Storyteller Cards deck. Some games will even work with the Storyteller Cards: Fantasy deck. 


Also available as a FREE pdf: Storyteller Cards Manual PDF


Games include:

Director's Cut by Jason Tagmire
Comic Challenge by Carey Pietsch
Once Upon A Time by Elle Tagmire and Jason Tagmire
Possibilities by Jay Treat
Freudian Knot by Jay Treat
ChromaCards by Charles Beauvais
ChromaCubes by Charles Beauvais
To Be Continued by Tim Rodriguez
Pitch It by Scott King
Tough Audience by Scott Almes
Grow Up Hero by Daniel Solis
Short Stories by John duBois
25 Word Stories by Gaetan Pappalardo
Pyramid Scheme by Marty Cobb and Jason Tagmire
Onomatopoeia by Ryan Sanders
Who What When Where Why How? by Jason Tagmire
Coloring Pages by Campbell Whyte

Additional art by Marty Cobb, Luke Milton, Carey Pietsch, Ive Sorocuk and Campbell Whyte

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