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Count of the Nine Estates

Count of the Nine Estates

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Count of the Nine Estates is a 18-card reimplementation of Count of Nine.

Search your land for resources to build basic structures that will provide more resources. Use these structures and resources to build up your estates into a powerful economic force.

For Count of the Nine Estates, I did want to focus more on the experience. Looking back on Count of Nine, it seemed the player experience was a bit "on rails": once you pick a major structure to build, you are going to find the stuff you need to build that major structure. For Count of the Nine Estates, the player will have more freedom, and will have to make a couple strategic decisions during a match. So, I guess the "experience" I was going for CotNE is: a more strategic and "free" feeling compact, solo euro game.

—description from the designer 

1 player - 30 minutes - Ages 12+

Designer Scott Allen Czysz

Artist Valentina Segovia

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