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High Noon: time to stand up and see which of you is the best in the West. Only one cowboy is walking away from this dust up so once you've got'em on the wrong end of a shootin' iron, you better keep'em there. Let loose with everything you've got to win, or play your ace in the hole to turn the tables. Either way you best be the last one standing if you want to win this Do-Si Duel!

Do-Si Duel recreates the feel of an Old West shootout across the kitchen table. Two players will alternate playing cards to claim actions. These actions move players around the table: players will simultaneously move one seat to the left or the right (always staying on opposite sides), switch places, or simply hold still. The player standing at the “Win” half of the table when either player runs out of cards is the winner. Complicating this are the various action costs. Each of the four actions has two available slots. The first player to claim that action spends one matching card to use the action and can reuse that action once later at the same cost. The second player must spend two matching cards for that action and can only use it once. Of course, spending more cards isn’t always a bad thing: once a player’s in position, they’ll want to get cards out of their hand quick to end the game! With hand management elements and a unique approach to real-space movement, Do-Si Duel packs a lot of wallop for players looking for a light strategy game.

Do-Si-Duel is a 2-player action drafting 18-card game for all ages that can fit in your pocket and be played in 5 minutes! What makes Do-Si-Duel unique? In Do-Si-Duel, you are the game piece. Each action will cause you and your opponent to move (or not move) around the table. The game is simple yet mentally menacing and lots of fun!

On each turn, players will play cards in the middle of the table on the available actions (left, right, hold, switch) and move accordingly around the table, trying to be on the Win side of the duel at the end of the game (when one of the players has no cards left in hand).

2 players - 10 minutes - Ages 8+

Designer Chace Daley
Artist Marty Cobb

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