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Welcome to HeroTec, an engineering firm that builds custom equipment for superheroes. You and your lab-mates will sift through a common stockpile of resources and plans, building items in your workshops. 

Your benefactor requires four types of items: a gadget, a costume, a vehicle, and a lair. Players will race to be the first to complete the job, while also trying to build the best tech.

In HeroTec you must outfit your superhero client by first drafting cards (consisting of gadgets, costumes, vehicles, and lairs) from the Stockpile and placing them directly into your Workshop. There you will use the card for its resources (CircuitsTools and Reactors), trying to build items for your Showroom.

Once a player has all 4 items in their showroom, it's time to bring out the superhero and see which HeroTec employee makes the best impression. Will it be the Personal Wormhole that wins their heart? Or maybe it's that sweet Volcano Observatory. 

Each card is multi-use, featuring level I, II and III resources, as well as a special ability that allows you to build a very unique engine that will guide you to victory.

HeroTec is a two player game (that expands from 1-4 with the Job Insecurity expansion) designed by Duane Kolar with art by Fabrice Weiss. Gameplay lasts about 30 minutes and is recommended for ages 10 and up. The game consists of: 18 cards, fold-out full color rules and our signature wallet packaging. 

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