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Potions Class (Pre-order: estimated shipping late January 2023)

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Students, let's try this again. I want to see you create three potions, by mixing the required ingredients. And this time, let's try not to burn anyone's eyebrows off...

Using just Earth, Fire and Water you can create anything, but watch out for any explosive combinations!

Potions Class is a game of explosive family fun as 2 players race to be the first to brew 3 magical potions. Each turn players will draw 3 cards, one at a time. After each card is drawn they must choose to place it on a potion, in their reserve, or in their opponent's reserve. They must place 1 card in each location, but be careful! Putting the wrong card in your opponent's reserve may give them just the right ingredient they need to complete their 3rd potion and conjure up the victory!

Potions Class plays very well with young children, or a parent and child. In fact, it was designed by a 9 year old, Owen Wokasch. Owen submitted it to our 2017 design contest, and while it didn't win the contest, it was one that stuck with us since. We're excited to have the opportunity to fit it into our lineup. 

  • Players: 2
  • Length: 10-15 minutes
  • Age: 6+


Designed by Owen Wokasch
Art by Marty Cobb


Potions Class Wallet Game ($12) - game in a vinyl wallet 

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