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Wild Cats

Wild Cats

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A 3-card game of hilarious feline deduction

Wild Cats is a social game for 3 players. Players are one of three cats riding in a police car back from an arrest. There’s a Good Cat, Bad Cat and a Wildcat. A scuffle ensues and someone is getting thrown out of the car. The Good Cat wants the Bad Cat out because he’s annoying. The Bad Cat wants the Good Cat out because he wants all of the credit. The Wildcat just wants to get out.

Deal out the 3 cards randomly and follow the rules on the cards. Do whatever! Interrogate your opponents. Grill them (not literally). Maybe you'll make bold statements that coincide with your role? There is so much room for exploration, but remember to follow the rules on your card and don't look at your opponents' cards.

As the Good Cat, you need to suss out the Bad Cat and get the Wildcat to also vote for the Bad Cat. If you're the Bad Cat you want the opposite. But if you are the Wildcat, you need to get someone to vote for you, and figure out exactly who it is to create the three way tie.

When you are ready to vote, count to 3 and point at the player that you want out. The player with the majority of the votes is eliminated. Reveal your cards to see who won!

This Wallet Edition contains 3 additional roles to allow for up to 6 players and 10 bonus Cat Prize cards to keep score.

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