1st Quarter Rules FAQ


Avignon: Pilgrimage


1. What does the X on the Vicar card mean?

A: The X symbol means excommunicate.


2. The petition ability for the scribe says "move any..." Does "any" mean "either" or "both"?

A: Any


Turbo Drift


Find Yours Seats

1. I know you don't count the face-down cards when determining points, but do you "skip over them" to the next face-up card for determining points? Am I considered adjacent to someone if there is one or more face-down cards in between?

A: You do not skip over them. You will see some interesting strategy in the timing of your seating based on this.


2. On The Lush card, do you skip over un-slotted positions at the "table" when determining adjacency? For example, if I place The Lush as my first card and put it in the left-most position, since that is the only card I've played, is The Lush considered to be adjacent to the card the player on my right has played, since there are no other cards in between his and mine at this time?

A: Neighbors are direct left and right. But the flip doesn't happen until right before scoring.

3. The Hipster says, "When she sits at the table add the most prevalent conversation topic at the table to her list of topics." If there's a tie, do I get to choose one, or is The Hipster out of luck?

A: You can choose. 


 4. If you see the copycat to the left of the old timer, does the copycat get points for matching the old timer but the old-timer does not get points for matching the copycat?

A: No the copycat doesn't because cards must converse with each other, it takes two