Avignon: Pilgrimage

Avignon: Pilgrimage is designed by John du Bois, is for 2-players and takes around 20 minutes to play. Note: This is a standalone expansion to Avignon: A Clash of Popes. You do not have to have the original game, to play this.



About the Game

Rekindle the flames of faith first stirred up in Avignon: a Clash of Popes. The standalone expansion Avignon: Pilgrimage introduces new ways to push and pull your way to Pope, even more characters with new powers that change with their position, and alternate setups that create even more variety. Gameplay is like that of the original Avignon, using the characters' unique powers to pull the character cards over to their side of the table (their congregation), or force an opponent to push cards towards them. The first player to get three characters into their congregation wins. Play Pilgrimage by itself or combine it with the powers from A Clash of Popes to add new levels of strategy and tactics while preserving the quick and accessible gameplay of the original.


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"Avignon is a terrific example of what microgames can be. I carry Avignon with me just about everywhere. The original, Clash of Popes, packed a good amount of replayability into the small footprint. Pilgrimage only makes it better by adding new characters with new petition powers and opening up new strategies" - The Indie Game Report

"If you’re looking for an ultra-portable, quick 2-player game, you really need to check out both Avignon and Pilgrimage!" - Gameosity

"...we have in Pilgrimage a game that is not only a worthy sequel to its predecessor, but in fact completes it in so many ways. The game is more thought-provoking and calculating with the expansion combined, and I honestly can't see myself ever separating the two again."  - PastGo

"If you are a fan of history, Catholic history, and/or portable games, this is one you'll want to check out and back on Kickstarter!" - Stuart's Study

"Avignon is a real thinky abstract that forces you to ask 'Is this move better for them....or me?'  That tug of war evaluation for every action has a very satisfying pay off when you find the just right combination of moves.  The play time and depth of replay are perfect.  This is one that has a permanent spot in my back pack." - Low Player Count





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