Circle the Wagons

2-Players | 15 minutes | Map-Building & Card Drafting 

Circle the Wagons is a 2-player map-building game designed by Steven Aramini (Yardmaster), Danny Devine (Ghosts Love Candy) and Paul Kluka; featuring the art of Beth Sobel (Herbaceous, World's Fair 1893 and Lanterns) and logo design of Bryan Fischer (Chicken Caesar). Circle the Wagons is the winner of the 2016 Button Shy Wallet Design Contest, beating out over 70 other games. 

About the Game

Each player in Circle the Wagons is fixin' to build up their own boomtown, but only one'll build the best in the West!

Blaze a trail by draftin' cards 'round the circle and placin' 'em in yer town, tryin' to connect matchin' territories to score prosperity points! But don't forget about them three bonus cards in the center of the circle that can score ya even more points — that is, if ya play yer cards right. With darn near five thousand unique ways to score and millions of draftin' and placin' combos, you'll never build the same town twice!


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