FAQ - Pentaquark

If you have any questions about Pentaquark, send us an email at buttonshygames@gmail.com. We will add it to the below FAQ.

What is a Quark?
The front of the 15 basic cards. For example: Red Up or Green Charm.

What is an Anti-Quark?
The backside of the 15 basic cards. For example: Anti-Red Anti-Up or Anti-Green Anti-Charm.

When the rules refer to a Quark and it's Anti-Quark what does this mean?
This is regarding the flavor of the Quark only, not the color. For example: Any Up and any Anti-Up.


Can you confine across regions of the board or can you only confine and recombine cards in the same region?
You can only confine cards that are located in the same region.


How are cards Annihilated?
1) When a Quark and its Anti-Quark are both present and free at the same location (Detector or Background), they are both Annihilated (removed from the game). 

2) When an Annihilate Card is revealed during the Beam Phase, a free Quark must be Annihilated (removed from the game).

What do I do if I draw an Annihilate card in the beam but there are no free quarks to annihilate in the background and/or detector?
If there are no free quarks, you will ignore the Annihilate card.


If I Annihilate one of the cards in the beam, which action do I take with the remaining card?
The actions must be taken in order. Background, then Detector then Discard. If there are not enough cards in the Collider to complete a step, that step is skipped.


Which expansions should we move through to start easy and get progressively harder? 
1) Base
2) Tops
3) Tops & Gluons
4) Tops & Bosons
5) Tops & Gluons & Bosons