Find Your Seats

Designed by Mitchell Shipman, Find Your Seats is card drafting game for 3-4 players and takes about 20 minutes to play. 

About the Game

In Find Your Seats, players take the roles of party planners having a terrible day. They have completely misplaced their seating plan! Each player will start with a hand of cards representing dinner guests and, over three rounds, draft what they believe to be the best group of guests to sit next to each other. Players score points based on the seating arrangement of their guests. The player with the most points in a round wins the round, the player with the most round-wins will win the game.

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"...Find Your Seats, is a solid, pocket-sized gateway game with a surprising amount of replayability considering it only contains eighteen cards. For players that like direct conflict, I would suggest it over a gateway drafting game like Sushi Go." - The Cardboard Hoard

"This one is a great way to end things after a long night of gaming." - Club Fantasci

"Find Your Seats designed by Mitchell Shipman is a fast-playing, delicious appetizer or after-dinner drink for an evening of board gaming, or it’s the ultimate meta game when you pull out Find Your Seats as your dinner guests are finding their seats. Mind blown, am I right?"  - The Board Game Show

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