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Button Shy is an independent, family-owned, small publisher that does things a little bit differently. 

Scroll down to learn a little about each game or use the menus above.

Storyteller Cards are playing cards that inspire creativity. 

Storyteller Cards: Fantasy takes the Storyteller Cards and puts a role-playing twist on them. 

Movie Plotz uses just 12 cards to turn a party into a Hollywood writer’s room.

Pretense is a game night social metagame and the Philly Geek Awards 2015 Game Of The Year.

Wild Cats is a hilarious social game of truth, lies and feline deduction.

Cunning Folk is small bluffing/deduction game that poses the question "which witch is which?"

Smoke & Mirrors exposes the secrets of magicians through boasting and bluffing.

Fever Chill is a family style deduction game where you try to maintain your temperature.

North South East Quest is a whimsical direction-based storytelling game that will take you to new places.