Hot Dogs

Coming December 2016 to Kickstarter


For 3-5 players Hot Dogs is from the team that brought you Wild Cats - designer Jason Tagmire and Artist Marty Cobb. Hot Dogs is a fast-paced game of condimental proportions that takes about 30 minutes to play. 


About the Game


It's time for the annual Coney Island Hot Dog Show where competitors worldwide will compete for the coveted title of Wurst In Show!


In Hot Dogs, you will need to craft a variety of frankfurters quickly and accurately using your ingredient cards, but you are working with a head chef that is trying to mess you up. In order to gain a point, you must win one round, take a detriment card and then win the next round. You could say you need to win "at your Wurst point"! If nobody succeeds, the chef scores. Play continues until all players have been chef. To win you have to make 'em fast, make 'em right and do it all before the other players ketchup.


How to Play


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