Legends of Dsyx - Roll and Write Series

As part of the 2018 Board Game of the Month Club, we are introducing a new solo Roll and Write Series by Robin Gibson. 

Each game is one player completely different than the last. They are one page and use six-sided dice and a pen or pencil.

01. Tower Of Mages (purchase link coming soon)

02. Hall of the Dwarven King (purchase link coming soon)


Tower of Mages: 
How do you use the special rooms?
You will draw a circle in the record track next to a room as normal, but when you build you may build a special room instead. 

How does the Market Phase work?
If the hourglass that you crossed out in the Time Phase has an eye under it, you will cross out the eye and enter the Market Phase. Roll 3 dice and and fill in the bottommost square in the corresponding column of the Elemental Market.

How does the Laboratory work?
Replace the "?" with a symbol from the attached room.  This doesn't break restriction C of the Building Phase because the room type is Laboratory, regardless of the icon.

When do the Predictor ad Distorter take effect?
You may cross either out at any time. 

When do the Tower Cap and Gryphon Nest take effect?
These happen immediately upon being built. Note: Crossed out rooms will still gain points for the Tower Cap. 

End of Game - How do you "complete any available Market Phases"?
For each uncrossed Eye you will hold a Market Phase. Every game will have 7 Market Phases.

End of Game - How do you total your score for your Elemental Rooms?
You will look at each uncrossed room and multiply it by its current value in the Elemental Market.