Semifinal Fantasy FAQ

Rules, pg 1, "Players will write their names in the bottom right..." but it looks like it's supposed to be the bottom left.

Whoops. This will be fixed in version 1.1.

On the bracket map sheet it looks like you roll a D6 to determine which trial each pair of groups will be facing, is that correct? If so, it's not in the rules (or I missed it). Or are the type of trials determined in another way?

It's under "Dungeon Crawl Setup". For each matchup you will roll 1d6 for each of the Round 1 trials and mark the results on the Bracket (in the three squares for each matchup). These are the types of stats that will be looked at each round.

On the bracket map sheet, do you draw in the WIN box an arrow pointing up or down to indicate which team won the first, second, and final rounds? (That's how I visualize it.)

I just circle the top one if the top team wins, and the bottom one if the bottom tea wins, but feel free to track it however you feel is best.

Rules, pg 2, very bottom, "Once all characters are drafted, the party leader gets to name the group's location and title." On the party sheets they have "Location" and "Name" labels, not "Title". Perhaps change "Title" in the rules to "Name"?

Yes, both should be "Name". This will be fixed version 1.2.

The Alternate B card, Orc Wizard, in both the Color and Lite pnp's has three extra lines in the graphic that should be removed: one below the face, one extending into the hex, and one going up and into Alternate A's card. (I love your art, btw.)

This will also be fixed version 1.2. And thank you!

Are tokens and coins the same thing?

Yes, all tokens should be referred to as coins. This will be fixed in version 1.2.

Is a "played character" the same thing as an "active character"?

Yes, correct.

What does the max bet refer to? How many total coins can be bet per round? How many can be bet per type?

This is shown on the player tableau. In Round 1 you can bet any 3 coins total. When betting it can be 3 STR coins, or 2 STR and 1 PWR, or even 1 STR, 1 PWR, 1 INT. You can mix it up as needed.

In Round 2 you can bet 3 Coins, plus 1 Coin for each lost character. 

In Round 3 you can bet 3 Coins, plus 2 Coin for each lost character. 

For the bonus to apply, does that character need to have been played/selected?

Yes, this is very important. You only get paid for characters that you actually played that round.

Is it possible to provide the delivered files in A4 format?

I meant to mention this in the delivery. Yes, I just need to research the difference in size. 

Is there a way to see other people's questions on this form? I would like to browse other questions that may have come up and view the discussion being had about those said questions.

Yes, I will be posting them on our FAQ. Thanks!